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The Burning Baby is a psychological horror fairy tale, filmed on location on the magical Scottish island of Eilean Shona, where the cast and crew lived and worked together for the duration of the shoot to create a commune-like experience which lends a unique atmosphere to the film. The film is a surreal queer fantasy that investigates our relationship to landscape, identity, family, sexuality and death. With moments of beauty, endurance and comedy, captured by cinematographer Oscar Oldershaw using vintage Cooke lenses, the film is a theatrical improvised drama performed by professional and non-professional actors and performance artists. Rooted in lived experience and performance art, Kindersley's films exist between fantasy and reality.

On a remote island an abusive mother keeps her adult son as a baby, aided by his two sadistic siblings. The intense close-knit family’s world is disrupted when free-living woods-folk are invited to baby’s second birthday. The two worlds clash with dramatic results when an alluring stranger disrupts the group dynamics, exposing their difficulties in communicating verbally and emotionally, ultimately leading to murder and the continuation of a cycle of abuse.

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